My name is Amy and I am a Fiber Artist. I have a degree in costume design and spend quite a bit of time Spinning, Knitting and thinking of new and unusual crochet and quilted dolls, toys and accessories. I have a closet full of yarn, boxes in just about every room that are overflowing with half finished projects and scraps of fabric, and a table that can no longer be used for family dinners without major excavation. If I had a million dollars I would have a studio with organized shelves, a dedicated sewing table, a comfy chair and windows with sunshine coming through soft white curtains.

11 Responses to “About”

  1. christi Says:

    hi, Amy!!
    i’ve been admiring your turtles for a while now, and today, i found your dread pirate sam; too funny!! i am interested in purchasing the pattern, but i wanted to first ask if you have a basic pattern for your turtles for sale as well? i love them so much! please let me know as soon as is convenient! thanks for your time and patterns! i look forward to hearing from you!!
    ~christi adams 🙂
    virginia beach, VA

  2. debi blaw Says:

    just wanted to tell you how beautifull all your blankets are. also i love your little turtles and othe animals. do you sell the turtle? have a great day. and keep up the work on your blankets. just beautifull. debi(nana on the ville)

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  4. Christopher Says:

    Hello, Amy. My name is Chris and I am a male crocheter. I know, it is an oddity. My first big project was a 20″ eeyore stuffed animal for my girlfriend. I worked on it at least four hours a day for a week and a half and then worked on it from probably 6 PM until 5AM the next morning to finish it off. I loved working on the doll type instead of blankets and stuff, and once I realized that you can find patterns like your moogle, that are from the video game world (and not such… home-maker type stuff– No offence to anyone, just not my style) I got very excited. The problem is, however, I haven’t been able to find any good patterns to use that are related to video games. when I do find a good project, it’s always someone selling the product instead of a pattern, so I decided to start trying to make my own patterns of all kinds of video game characters, and I have had a VERY hard time figuring out a way to get started into making my own patterns. Do you have any suggestions? (I have made two of your moogle’s, but, I couldn’t find fiberfill anywhere around my area, so I used coffee beans to stuff the body. They actually worked decently well, and they smell GREAT! I have also found a pac-man pattern that I have made, but that’s about all…) It would be amazing if you could give me some advice on how to make your own patterns (or show me somewhere that does)! My email addy is Thanks!

  5. Christopher Says:

    I just realized that i said that i couldnt find fiberfill. I have fiberfill. I meant that i couldnt find polybeans anywhere

  6. Ernie Says:

    Hi, Amy,

    I found your picture of your amazing Masukami doll on Flickr, and I’m wondering if you make Masukami dolls for sale, or if you would if you received orders for them. I ask because I’m writing an article about dolls and toys that are inspired by or based on characters in Japanese horror and sci-fi movies, anime, and manga. The article will appear in the October 2008 issue of Shojo Beat, a magazine that publishes monthly installments of manga episodes in English for distribution in the U.S.

    Your doll is perfect for the article, and I’d like to include a photo of her, assuming that it’s okay with you and also that you’d like to hear from the readers of the magazine who might be interested in ordering their own.

    The audience for Shojo Beat is girls, ages 12-20, or so.

    The magazine also publishes how-to or D-I-Y articles on crafts; though these tend be be brief, one-page step-by-step articles, do you think Masukami would be a good candidate for such an approach?

    At your convenience, please let me know if you’d like your Masukami to appear in the article.


    Best regards,


  7. robin cox Says:

    If this is Amy who had a pattern for a black and white summer cotton poncho knit in elann sonata…I love the pattern. Just wanted to ask – did you use a self striping yarn or actually change yarns? (I think it’s black and white, color on PC is not too good.)
    Here’s the link. I’d love to know, can’t find a dk weight in a self striping black and white cotton!

  8. belverly Says:

    I really do want a turtle and a prince from you. ha! but i noticed there’s no activity recently. My birthday is coming up, and I’m getting my grandmother to crochet the Katamari ball (as it is one of my all time favorite game since i was much younger) when i stumbled upon your turtles.

  9. Lianne Says:

    I had tried the Katamari Ball pattern that you have done. I have all of the pieces but am having a problem sewing them together cleanly. Do you have a tutorial on sewing pieces together or know where I can find a good one?

  10. Pam Chappell Says:


    Could you share the pattern for your craft cubes or could I purchase some from you???

    Also interested in Romeo.

    Thank you
    Pam Chappell

  11. Ade Ariyanti Says:

    hi Amy!

    wowoow we have the same habit then 😛
    very nice blog Amy.. but why dont u continue it?
    the last update i think it was on 2008..

    best regards

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