April 2008

So I have been fibering a little recently.  I was in Sock Madness this year and made it to the 4th round!  There was no way I would have been able to make it further.  Some of those ladies were staying up until 3 am to finish or knitting 14 hours straight without stopping or eating!  I wish I had that dedication, or uninterrupted alone time.

Here are the socks I knit for the first three rounds

Zombie socks done in my hand dyed yarn

Reversai Socks done in Dream in Color Smooshy

and Slippin socks done in my handspun laceweight

I have been dying too recently.  I sent out the club fiber for this month.  It is Wenslydale fiber and was inspired by Monet’s water lilly paintings.  You can peek here

I also did some yarn dying too

More Cubes soon too!

I have been busy getting ready for the fair!  We turned in our entries last weekend and, after waiting with painful anticipation all week, we found out how we did last night!

Joe got a second place ribbon for his lego boat ( it is right behind his shoulder).  There were a couple of us trying to get a picture of him, and he was so excited he couldn’t hold still long enough to stay in focus.  This shot I got when he was distracted by one of the other photographers.

He also entered a painting with his school class and got a First Place ribbon.  He is showing us which one is his with the red balloon

Becca, my sister, entered some salsa and got Second Place!

And she made a dress for the Renaissance fair this year, so she entered that too and got Third Place.  It is the purple dress over her shoulder.

I got a Third Place for my Geisha embroidery.  There are notes on the card about how to frame her better.  I was in a rush the morning we had to turn in our items for judging and I know I could have framed her better.  I will re-frame her when she comes home because she is to be hung in our bedroom next to a Samurai that I am hoping to have done for next year’s fair.

I also entered Jack, who one first place!  I am thinking of entering The Scream next year.

And I entered a hank of the Purple/black laceweight and it one first prize too!

Over all, we had a great night at the fair!  Ate lots of greasy food, rode on lots of fast rides, spent way too much money, came home exhausted!  We have exhibitors passes, so we can come and go as we please, and I think I need more funnel cake!