I made some progress on the Galveston.  I have one side and two corners done!  I don’t know how much longer it will take, but the border is easily memorized and is good TV knitting.

And I got another section done on the baby blanket

So this weekend we went out to spread the good news about knitting.  I am a member of Sock Knitters Anonymous Group on Ravelry and this year we had a scavenger hunt to celebrate WWKIP day.  I gathered up my yarn warriors and, with clip board, knitting and a camera in hand, we headed out to confound as many muggles as possible.

Our first stop was the University campus.  One of the big point items on the list was for a picture with a landmark.  We decided that the University would have the highest concentration of landmarks.  Classes have been out for about a month now, but there are still orientation tours going on, so we hoped we could get some people to take photos with us (also worth good points).

We wanted a shot with some Saguaro cacti, so we started at the cactus garden.  As we got there we noticed a tour group not far away headed our direction.  I ran over, explained what we were doing and why we needed them to stand in front of the cacti holding the beginnings of a sock.  They were all great sports!

We then moved on to the Asian family trying to keep cool in the shade of a palm tree.  We asked them to come stand next to a fountain so we could get some points for having a shot of the sock under water

Next we grabbed a family that was walking past Old Main.  My brother is the tall guy in the baseball hat.  It is the original building from when the university was founded in 1891.  Phoenix got the insane asylum and Tucson got the University.  Suck it Phoenix 😛

So after a couple hours of being out in the 100+degree weather, we decided to hit some places with a little more air conditioning.  We went to a bike shop for some points for having the sock photographed with a bike.  And not just any bike!  That bike sells for $7000!  The lady working the shop was nice enough to let me show her how to knit while she was on the bike.

We had lunch at Taco Bell.

Where I got to sit and knit a little more

And then it was off to find a celebrity to take a photo with us.  We were able to track down Indiana Jones, one of the more popular celebrities in our house.  We celebrate Indiana Jones day every New Years day by watching all the movies back to back, so a photo with him was a given.

And as TheBon said, that guy in the grey shirt was REALLY happy to be in the photo, LOL!

We were all hot and tired, so we went to the mall for a play break and a chance to get shots of the sock with the masses.  I am the orange blob by the big pillar.

We parked by the pet shop, so we had to go in.  I think it is a law or something.  Anyway, we used to have bunnies and I miss them terribly sometimes, so when I saw this little bunny face I had to have a knitting shot with him.

Then it was time to reward my scavenger warriors for being dragged all over town in the heat so that Mom could get shots of yarn.  I bought them all fancy ice cream.  Not just every day, run of the mill, ice cream, but fancy pants ice cream!  You know the ice cream that you would see when your mom took you to the mall, and you would ask if you could have some as you were being dragged past it to try on shoes or clothes or something equally as boring, and she said no it would spoil your dinner, or you didn’t have time, or you already had ice cream at home.  Yeah…THAT ice cream.

I got one last chance to just sit and knit.  Very satisfying after tromping around all day

This is how far I got that day.  It started as just a little bit of ribbing, and ended up this big.  Check out all of its majesty!