I haven’t been able to spin or knit very much in the past day or so because my wrists hurt.  Not the joint, but the muscle right above it.  Like I was in a car accident or something!  The right one hurts more than the left and is a little swollen.  I have no idea how I hurt myself.  Before I got hurt I had been spinning a bunch of singles recently, and I have been having a ball.  Talk about wonderful instant gratification.

Mud Season from Spunky Eclectic

Beach House (dyed by me)

And Sea Glass (also dyed by me)

I have been knitting some too.  I have almost 1 side of the Galveston border done, but it would be easier to finish if somebody didn’t keep comming in at night and putting extra stitches on the needles.  I swear that no matter how I work, I never get any closer to that corner!

I have also started on some of the baby items.  I have the pink section of the Grumpecue done and I have started on the orange.  It is a fast knit and I realy enjoy the simple eligance of it.