May 2007

Hey Guys!

One of my least favorite things about my blog has been fixed! I have always hated not being able to respond directly to comments that were made on my blog. Today I installed Haloscan and now that problem has been taken care of, but it brought up a different problem. All of your past comments have been deleted!! I feel so terrible because there were some great comments there. Can’t have the good without the bad I guess. I am off soon on my trip, I will have photos when I get back!

It seems like just last weekend He gave me this pot for Mother’s day, and now he has his own moustache! Where did the days go??

He made the pot in his art class at school. It is perfect for my straight needles and my mascot and crafting companion Chicken Butt.

Not that I’m complaining in any way! First off, I bet you noticed the new layout (pointing out the new layout like a Price is Right model) I think it is easier to read, but that is just me.

I got several boxes in the mail this week that were overflowing with fiber, but this one caught the attention of somebody Teeny.
She is the local customs inspector and has to approve every package brought into the house.

She approves of this package! It is from Spunky Eclectic and that is only about half of the fiber that was in that box.

I finished the Pacific Waves shawl, but it isn’t blocked so you can’t see it (neener, neener) Since I finished it, I had some spinning time.

This is Signature in BFL. Bet you can’t guess where the fiber came from! I spun it in a laceweight single that I then Navajo plied into a heavy sock weight. I love the colors and they spun up fantastic!

I am off with the kids and Aurora to Nebraska next week to see my family. My brother is graduating and it is going to be a great time! Any suggestions for great fiber places in or near Omaha?

I don’t have any new fiber to share yet, but that doesn’t mean I have been sitting around slacking! I have been super busy working on other projects and thinking about some projects that I should finaly get off my rear and finish.

I have been knitting on my Galveston Mystery Shawl, but it has progressed to the jellyfish stage and is not quite photogenic at the moment. I should have the whole thing finished and blocked in the next couple weeks. I wanted to give it to my Grandmother when I go to visit at the end of the month.
I have also been working on the Pacific Waves Shawl from Elann. I am using my Shade Garden self stripping that I spun a couple of months ago. I have so much of this yarn that I am hoping to have enough left over for another project.I cast on for this last Friday night, 541 stitches marked every 18th stitch O_O Right now it just looks like a big funky collar. I am about half way through. There are 41 rows in the instructions and I was so excited last night when I got to row 38. I thought I was almost finished, even if it did seem a little narower than it was supposed to be. I thought maybe the extra width would come with blocking. NOPE! Row 41 says to go back to row 5 and do it all again, groan!! It isn’t a difficult pattern, just sort of mindless. The pattern is only worked every 4th row, so the other 3 rows are plain stockinette….for 541 stitches per row.
I have also pulled out a project that I started on last year. I ADORE Japanese art and when I found a Lonni Rossi panel titled Ginkgo Godesses in a quilt shop, I had to have it right then! There are three godesses per panel, so I decided to give each one the atributes of an element. I dug through my hand dyed fabric stash and gave them each a beautiful new kimono and a sparkly crown. I even fussy cut out some foliage for their Ginkgo accessories. There are bigger images over at my Flickr
Here is how they started out
And Here is how each of them looks now.

And Fire

I traced and cut all the pieces out, then appliqued them onto the original panel. On Wind I went over the seams with a black pen to hide the white spaces peeking out from between the pieces and to add back in the lines in the folds. I haven’t done that yet on the other two. I am thinking of doing some hand embroidery to embelish them a bit more before they are done. They will eventualy have a narow red border and a wide black border added to the outside edges to frame them for becoming wall hangings. I am going to purchase another one of these panels, plus some Geisha panels that are being released this spring for some further experamentation ;D