July 2007

Not only has the blog moved to this new url, but we signed on the house and will be moving in this weekend!  Due to the switching over of telephonic services, I will be without internet for about a week.  I will be spinning and I will update the blog when I come online with new and exciting photos!  I will leave you with these last few items. 


I was tagged for two things recently and I haven’t been able to respond to them.  First is that I was tagged as a Rockin’ Girl Blogger by Stacy!  Thank you very much!  Now it is my privlidge to nominate 5 other great blogs written by Rockin Girl Bloggers, but I can’t!  I have 63 blogs over to the right on my blog roll.  Some may be very familiar to you, others may be brand new, but they are all written by Rockin Girl Bloggers.  I nominate every last one of them! 

Cheap cop-out you say?  Not hardly.  Each of those blogs over there was written by a lady who feels passionately about her craft.  Some of them are Knitters, some spinniers and even some crocheters and quilters.  Some are recounting tales of moving from one town to another, others of moving half way around the world.  They all share the deep joy of seeing a new set of colors.  The rush of plans, ideas, and designs that flood through them when they visit the local yarn shop or open that box they just got in the mail.  The laundry list of projects they have in various stages and various places.  The urge to play with fiber, to stash that fiber and to finaly take that fiber and create art!  So because they are ALL Rockin Girl Bloggers, who share their fiber dimentia with all of us, I nominate all of them!  Go pick a few of them and visit their blogs!

 The other meme I was nominated for, by Star, was the Favorite Word meme.  I was nominated for this one weeks ago, but it has been hard to decide on a favorite word.  I know the word I have been saying most frequently recently is Damnit, but I don’t know that it is my favorite. 

I do have a word that I haven’t used in a long time, not a word realy, more of an acronym.  S.H.M.I.L.Y  It stands for See How Much I Love You, and it is part of a game my husband and I play sometimes.  If you are diabetic or on a sugar free diet, now is the time to stop reading.  Ok, what you do is one person write the S.H.M.I.L.Y. on a sticky note or a piece of paper and hide it where the other person will find it in a day or so.  Someplace like the medicine cabinet or a briefcase or some such place.  When the person finds it, after they get over the sugar-shock, it is their turn to hide it.  We kept a S.H.M.I.L.Y going one time for months

I will see you guys in a week or so!

Yesterday I finished plying the Nightshade. It came out so fantastic! I adored working with this fiber. It was the first time I had used Coopworth and I think I wouldn’t hesitate to use it again in the future. It came out to almost laceweight! I am getting closer to my goal every skein I make. I think this would make a fantastic shawl. The colors are so rich and I can’t wait to see what they look like when they are all worked up.

As soon as I was done with that one, I started on my next set of fiber. This is Tulip from Spunky Eclectic. I think this one is going to be closer to a true laceweight. It is spinning up super fine and it is taking forever to fill a bobbin. I still keep having to remind myself to spin thinner, but I am getting better at it.

And because this is just a super cool photo, this little guy was found by Joe out by the laundry room. I have been living in the desert all my life and this is the first time I have ever seen a horned toad out in the wild! My husband shot this great photo of him just chillin’ by the sidewalk.

I am still alive and crafting! Things have been a little out of control for the past week or so. 90% of my craft supplies have been packed. I kept out some small projects and some fiber to keep me company.

I finished the kitchen rug
Here it is on the kitchen floor of the new house. It looks great in the kitchen and I can’t wait to stand on it when I wash the dishes for the first time! (I don’t think I have ever looked forward to washing dishes like this in my whole entire life) Here are the specs:
– It came out almost 3 feet across
– Crochet in a spiral increasing 9 stitches each round using a G hook
– Hand spun wool blend in a chunky weight
– Three colorways from Spunky Eclectic were used: Toronto and Nova Scotia were spun together to make the center and the border, Path Less Taken was used for the middle band.
I have joined the Ravelry community! I am amysbabies over there. I am loving all the features and the ability to keep track of all the things I want to knit! All the books I want to get, all the yarns I want to use, all the needle sizes I don’t have yet. It is my new project enabler. I didn’t realize I had such an enourmous list of projects I wanted to do in the future until I joined Ravelry. Thank you Ravelry!
The Tour de Fleece started this week! We have over 100 participants this year. You can see all the fantastic handspun over at our Flickr photo pool. I set the goal of spinning laceweight by the end of the tour. I am not sure my wheel spins fast enough for this goal, but I am sure going to give it my best. I started with this mystery fiber that I got in a swap last year.
You can see it is a great tweedy blend of a whole bunch of other things. It isn’t the softest, but it is a fantastic Saphire blue! I could only get it down to sock weight. It was a lace weight single, but I wanted to get a two ply going for some strength in the finished yarn. I used my smallest whorl and treadled quickly, but it is like taking a small car on the freeway and pushing it to 85 mph. My poor little wheel shook so hard I thougt it was going to shake apart! I know there is a fast flyer kit for my wheel, but I don’t think it has the weight to withstand a fast flyer. A bigger wheel like a Lendrum or a Louet might have a weight advantage. Plus what a great excuse to purchase a second wheel 😉

I have moved on to my second attempt at laceweight. I am using some fiber from the Spunky Club over at Spunky Eclectic. It is a Coopworth roving in the Nightshade colorway. Again I don’t think I have anything lighter than Sock weight, but this fiber has been a dream to spin. It has been so smooth and it drafts like a dream! I finished spinning the 8 oz today and now I just need to ply it.

And a photo of what I have begun calling The Painted Lady!Her paint is FINALY done correctly (third time’s the charm, tons of drama) and we are supposed to get the keys sometime between Friday and Wednesday. Kind of like waiting for the cable man when they tell you he will be there between 10am and June. The front door is the same color red as the trim.