Today is a big first.  This is my first post from my brand new laptop!  It was a Mother’s day/13th anneversary present from my husband and it makes me so very happy!

So, down to business!  I have not been idle in my long absense, here is just a small part of what I have on the needles right now

Starting with the oldest project, the Galveston Shawl

I am actually farther along than this photo.  I finished the last chart and I am almost done with the first side of the knitted-on border.  It has been great listening to the radio/TV/movie knitting, but there are other projects that are a siren song to my finishing this in a timely manner.  I am trying to be good.

There has been no progress on my Bugs in Your Garden shawl, but as soon as Galveston is done it will be the next large project to be finished.

I have been spinning quite a bit.  This box has my next rug in it.

I have quite a few scraps that varry from worsted to sock weight, so I put them all up in these random balls and I am using the knifty knitter there to make a long, 5 stitch, I-cord that I am going to be crocheting into a circle.  It will be random and scrappy in the center and then have random scrappy greens as a border.  The whole thing was inspired by those large oval braided rag rugs, but I couldn’t find an oval pattern I was satisfied with, so it will be a circle.

I spun up some South African fine into a heavy laceweight


I also spun some for socks

Three different colors of superwash that I am knitting in a spiral pattern as discribed by Grumperina.  I have three colors, instead of 4, and some tension issues around the needles, but otherwise it is knitting up SUPER fast!  Thoroughly enjoyable.

I am also working on two other socks, some for my husband in the Earl Grey pattern

And some yarn that I dyed up for my mom, but I don’t have a pattern picked out yet

I also spun up some Time of the Month fiber from Spunky Eclecticfor her TOTM Contest.

Rage, Tears and Chocolate

The contest was to come up with the most outrageous thing we could with this fiber, so I knit a Merkin!

On Friday’s my sister comes over for dinner and Dr Who/Torchwood, so we started this hexagon quilt so we could have a project to work on together

We almost have all of the close to 3000 hexes cut out!

When my Grandmother was here a couple weeks ago I found out that one of my cousins is expecting his first son this summer, so you know what that means!!  BABY KNITTING!!

I ran to my dye pot and dyed up some yarn for a Grumpecue blanket

I think I might use the leftovers to make a Baby Surprise Jacket too.  And I also got a Funky Sock Monkey kit from Blue Moon Fiber Arts.

It is in the Fire on the Mountain/Sherbert colorways.  This is my first order from Blue Moon, and it will not be the last!  The colors are vibrant and the yarn is wonderful.  I want one of every color.

So, that is what I have been up to for a while, and I have so many other projects waiting in the wings.

And by request, a photo of me!

hard to get a good photo and smile at the same time without that up the nose shot.