*start cheezy 50’s instructional film music now*


Here’s Amy.  She is happily spinning along, plying these two singles.  Narry a care in the world.


OH NO!  One of her singles broke!  Now what will she do?  She could spit splice it, but that would mean she would have to let go of the yarn with both hands and that could be a big mess.  And what if she is spinning Superwash or some other fiber that won’t felt?  What should she do then?


Look at that, she has pulled the broken ply away from the other ply.  This has built up a little extra twist in the yarn.  Now she is inserting the broken end in between the two plies and overlaping the broken ends by about 2-3 inches, like this.


Now she is releasing the built up twist back into the unplied singles.  It catches the broken single in the yarn and holds it tight.

And she can begin spinning her yarn normaly again holding all three pieces together to spin them tight.


6 Responses to “You and Your Broken Single”

  1. Hattie Says:

    Hehe I love that. Very cute but informative tutorial. I had to figure that all out on my own the other day!

  2. mandalinn Says:

    Ooooh great tute, love it. I hate it when that happens. Thanks for sharing!

  3. DebbieB Says:

    Perfect! And cute, too. 😉

  4. rina Says:

    Thank you thank you thank you. Now I know what to do with broken single during plying

  5. Pam Chappell Says:

    I am interested in purchasing some craft cubes, how can I do this.

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