Hey Everybody

This is my first post on my new blog. My name is Amy and I am a crochet doll maker. Romero here is one of my first dolls. He is the doll that started it all!

He is a Zombie Amigurumi and HE’S COMING RIGHT FOR YOU!!! I have made him and several other dolls and toys. I have them all for sale at http://amysbabies.etsy.com

I have a variety of dolls for sale now and several more in production. The toys I sell the most of are my Magnetic Amigurumi Katamari. I can hardly keep them in stock. I have one available in my shop right now if anybody wants one. These go fast!

They can be made in custom colors. They are about the size of a softball and fit nicely in your hand. They have super strong magnets for hours of rolling fun! What kinds of things can you roll up? Try this and see.

I have recently started a “Turtle of the Day” promo in my shop. I think it is going to be stretched out to the “Turtle of the Week”.

I listed quite a few turtles last week. The first one was inspired by the Dark Tower series by Stephen King. There is a poem in the books about a Turtle who is a protector of the world. The poem starts “See the turtle of enormous girth. On his back he holds the earth”. This poem has always been one of my favorites and I think I might embroider it one day to hang on my wall. But for now I have created this little turtle. I hope to send him to a good home some day.

I also have a Military Turtle, a Winter Turtle and a Zombie Turtle. They can all be seen at http://amysbabies.etsy.com .

But the turtle that I was most happy with was the Willy Wonka Turtle. He has actually inspired requests for a series of Johnny Depp turtles. Including a Cry Baby turtle, a Captain Jack Turtle and an Edward Scissorhands Turtle. Those turtles will be added in the next few weeks. And there is a possibility of them becoming full sized dolls too.

Well, That and more is all available in my shop right now. If there is something you don’t see in my shop, but you absolutely HAVE to have there is a link in my shop to contact me. I am happy to do custom orders.

Watch this space for more updates on my experiments with yarn!