November 2007

So here I am one day away from the kickoff to the holiday season and I just wanted to stop by and let you know what I have been up to.  Besides planning a 24 hour cooking extravaganza for our very first Thanksgiving in our new house, I have done a little bit of spinning

This is BFL in the Signature colorway from Spunky Eclectic that I Navajo plied.  It will join other skeins that I spun a few months ago and become a coat for Teeny (maybe).


This one is for a secret project that I can’t tell you about right now.

I also dyed up and sent out the first act of the Electric Sheep Fiber Club.  It was called Northwest Passage.  The Northwest Passage is the fabled sailing route from the East to the West coast by going North between Canada and the Arctic Circle.  This is the photo that I was inspired by

And if you want to see the finished fiber you can click here.

 Just wanted to let everybody know that the deadline for The Electric Sheep Fiber Club is drawing near and there are only 6 spaces left!!  Saturday at Noon MST will be the cut off.  I will be dying up the fiber this weekend and I will be shipping it out on Monday.  I hope it gets to people before the holiday weekend.

Right now the listing is for three months, but if you would rather do a month to month subscription send me a message at my shop.  I would be happy to send you an invoice each month.

 Here is a clue to this month’s fiber.  It will be called Northwest Passage

It felt so good to do a shop update today.  After finishing the shawl I found myself deep in the middle of a major Post Project Depression.  Nothing that I cast on for seemed right!  I tried to knit 3 different socks in the days that followed and not one of them survived.  I just wasn’t happy with anything.  I felt terrible because I wanted to be doing something, but it was all wrong!  I took a mental break and went back to something that was brainless, granny hexes.

I have been working on these hexes for a couple years now.  I used to carry them around in my purse to work on when I found myself with a minute or two of free time.  I can make them without having to look at my hook, which is nice for long car rides without getting car sick.  They were a nice pallete cleanser.  I worked on those for a couple days and then I felt like I could get back into something a little more creative.

I started spinning again, something I hadn’t done in a couple weeks while I was trying to get the shawl finished.  I spun up a couple of my hand dyed fibers


and Jeans and T-shirt (still not sure about that name)

Then on Wednesday the mailman brought me two new packages of dye and there was a creative explosion in this house!  I dyed up some more of my standard colorways

and added new colorways (this one is called Aquarium Gravel)

And I started dying Self Striping Sock yarn

I am completely in love with yarn dying!  I already have another shipment ordered.

I think my creativity has come back and I hope it sticks around this time.  I hated feeling restless and uncreative.