By Amy Shimel 

About the Magnets

This pattern has been a long time comming.  I was trying to figure out how to explain all the testing I went through with all the different types of magnets.  In an atempt to lower the cost of making these Katamari, I tested just about every type of 3/4″ round magnets that are available in the craft shops and discount stores.  And I found that you really do get what you pay for.

I found there were two types of magnets out there. 50 in a package for $5 sounds like a great deal, but the magnets are not strong enough to pick stuff up through the yarn.  I found the magnets that I used at Jo Ann’s.  They are the Darice 3/4″ round magnets that come 8 to a pack.  One pack is about $2.50 and you will need 3.5 packs.  This sounds like quite a few magnets, but as you can see from the photos in this pattern, the Darice magnets are of the highest quality and will hold very strongly, even through the yarn.  Here is what one of the packs looks like.


The Other Supplies

Besides 3.5 packs of magnets, you will also need:

  • Brightly colored yarn (a main body color, a center color and a band color)  Caron Simply Soft Brites works fantasticaly for this pattern

  • Crochet hooks in size E and G

  • A tapestry needle

  • poly-fill for stuffing

Let’s Go!

This is a super easy and quick pattern.   When I was making these for my shop, I could average one every 4 hours or so, depending on how many interuptions I had.

You will start with the E hook and your main body color.  You will be crocheting as tight as you possibly can.  We want this body to hold its shape when it is stuffed.  If you crochet loosely, you will begin to see stuffing through the stitches and the weight of the magnets will pull the ball out of shape.

 The ball will be worked in two halves and then sewn together and stuffed.  It is much easier to get the magnets placed this way.

With your E hook, Make two halves:

Using the Magic Circle

R1 – 6 sc in the ring and pull the ring tight. Mark the last stitch ( 6 sc )
R2 – 2 sc in each stitch around ( 12 sc )
R3 – ( 1 sc, 2 sc in next stitch ) 6 times ( 18 sc )
R4 – ( 2 sc, 2 sc in next stitch ) 6 times ( 24 sc )
R5 – ( 3 sc, 2 sc in next stitch ) 6 times ( 30 sc )
R6 – ( 4 sc, 2 sc in next stitch ) 6 times ( 36 sc )
R7 – ( 5 sc, 2 sc in next stitch ) 6 times ( 42 sc )
R8 – ( 6 sc, 2 sc in next stitch ) 6 times ( 48 sc )
R9 – ( 7 sc, 2 sc in next stitch ) 6 times ( 54 sc )
R10-13 – sc in each sc around ( 54 sc)

Finish off and leave a tail about 24″ long 0n one half to use while sewing the two halves together.

Now switch to your G hook to make 14 Magnetic Nubs.  You can work a little looser on the nubs, too tight and the magnets won’t fit.

With your center color:

R1 – 6 sc in the ring and pull the ring tight. Mark the last stitch ( 6 sc )
R2 – 2 sc in each stitch around ( 12 sc )

Switch to the band color

R3-4 – sc in each sc around

Switch to main body color

R5 – sc in each sc around and finish off.  Leave a tail about 12″ long to use in sewing the nub to the body.

Now comes the fun part!


Assembling your Katamari

In each empty nub you will now put 2 magnets.  Some Katamari I tried hard to make sure all the magnetic polls were facing the right way, others I just put them in randomly.

Sew one nub to the center of each half of your Katamari.  Sew 4 nubs equaly spaced around the center nub.  Please make sure that the two halves are mirror images of eachother.  This is very important in the placement of the last 4 nubs.

Making very sure that the second row of magnets lines up with eachother, Sew the two halves together, leaving a space about 2″ long open.  Stuff the ball VERY FIRMLY with Poly-Fil.  You want to get as much stuffing inside without distorting the ball.  The firmer it is, the easier it will be to play with.  Finish sewing the last 2″ closed.

Along the Equitorial seam you will now place the last 4 nubs.

Open your junk drawer and roll the Katamari across!

Copyright 9-07
For personal use only.  Not to be made for resale.  Images are not to be used without previous consent.  All Rights Reserved

152 Responses to “Magnetic Katamari Pattern”

  1. Mia Says:

    So great! Thanks for posting the pattern, I can’t wait to try one!

  2. Carol M Says:

    Thank you for posting I Love this and awaiting for my alone time this evening to give it a go. Cant wait to see the expressions on my girls faces when they get one for Christmas. Again Thank You and have a great day!!

  3. yarnzombie Says:

    Okay, I’m totally printing out this pattern and taking it with me when I go camping. I still can’t seem to get the hang of crochet (I think I’m way too tense when I’m trying to do it), but this is way too cute not to make. Maybe I need to start drinking before I sit down with the crochet hook. 🙂

  4. I need to learn how to crochet!!!

  5. Avrienne Says:

    I am incredibly impressed. I love katamari, and it had never occurred to me to try to make one!

    I think I’ll might make some of these up without the magnets to use as baby toys, I’ve got a triplet set of nieces and/or nephews coming soon…

  6. Eliany Says:

    Oh My Goodness!!! Thank you so much for the pattern! I love the game… therefore, I love katamari! A friend of mine also had a katamari phase and this is what I’ll give him for his birthday. Thanks!!!

  7. Monique Says:

    I guess it’s time to learn to crochet something other than a chain!

  8. Navi Says:

    Thanks so much for this pattern, I saw this picture in the net a while ago and wanted to make one but I’m not that good at crochet to make up the pattern, so thanks again!

  9. Cora Shaw Says:

    Yeah. I just love this one. I am going to make it for my son. I am going to love the look on his face when hes sees this.

  10. Sandra Says:

    oh my gawwwwd i love this katamari pattern! thanks so so much! i’m going to make one as soon as i have the time 🙂

  11. Beth Says:

    This is the perfect Christmas present for my Katamari-obsessed teenager! She will go nuts for this! Thank you so much. I crochet, but have never made figures of any type. This will be a first, and a fun one.

    Really well done, complete direction, too. This is just fantastic!

  12. ninjanator Says:

    thanks for the pattern 🙂 i’m sure my baby bro would love one of these for his birthday ^^

  13. Tasha Says:

    This is the most awesomest thing I’ve ever seen. You rock.

  14. Amy Says:

    I love this!! …surfs away to go find magnets…

  15. Chloe Says:

    Oh wow! I wish I had seen your pattern before I embarked on making my little katamari last year for a friend. I kind of made mine up as I went along. Spacing of the nubs is hard! Here’s a pic (with a little prince!)

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  17. I LOVE this! Thank you so much for the free pattern, I am a real beginner at crochet and I was able to follow the pattern really easily. Here is my Katamari:

  18. passionknitly Says:

    Totally cool!

  19. Sourire11 Says:

    I just found this pattern thanks to Ravelry and I had to say Thank You! This is AWESOME! I don’t know how to crochet but now I’m going to learn because I need my very own katamari ASAP.

  20. Carma Says:

    SUPER fabulous!

  21. Raeanne Says:

    I made all the pieces and am about to put them together, but i’m a little confused on how the magnets and the nubs go you stack the 2 magnets on top of each other or put them next to each other? and do you stuff them with polyfill after?

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  23. Regan Says:

    My husband and brother are going to get these as gifts and they are going to LOVE them! I’ve been humming the Katamari song since seeing them. Fabulous idea!

  24. Cristina Says:

    As a first time crocheter, I’m having a bit of difficulty with the patter. I am getting by it, but what are the dimensions of the finished katamari?
    I’m using a slightly thinner yarn, with a 3 mm hook, so I was planning to add some more increase rounds to have enough space for all the nubs, but I don’t know how many.

  25. sinagua Says:

    I love this! I can’t wait to try it. Fantastic idea, with the magnets. So clever! w00t!

  26. weheartkatamari Says:

    This is by far the best thing I’ve ever run into on the web. Running to the store to buy yarn right now!

  27. Ruth Says:

    I love this. Now I have to learn to crochet

  28. mel Says:

    That is crazy! (but I love it!) I wish it was knitting…I don’t think I need to pick up another hobby right now.

  29. meredith Says:

    this is amazing! thanks so much for sharing.

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  31. Susan Johnson Says:

    I want to make sure I understand how many magnets are needed in this project. You say 35 packs??? At 8 in a pack that is 280 magnets and at $2.50 a pack that’s, well over $70.00. Is this right???

    By the way, great idea, wonderful project.


    1. Monk-Ey Says:

      no she means 3.5 packs, so that means that yoy will need 28 magnets (packs of 8 pcs)and you will only need to pay 10$ 🙂

  32. tiffany Says:


    Maybe you missed the decimal point…you need 3.5 packs. 3 and a half…only buy 4 packs.

    Unless you’re making a REALLY big one! 😉

  33. Puddingpet Says:

    That is really cute XD and I just finished the games on my friend’s psp. I just want to ask what are those hook sizes in mm? I don’yt know about these stuff and i want to try to make this ball to start (i have a hook and it says US G7/4.50MM that help?..) and how do you read your instructions for the knitting part? (i have a book but i cant read it and the patterns are in picture form. confused Thankyou~ ?_?

  34. Amy Says:

    This has to be one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen!

    I have to make one for my husband. He’s a huge fan of the game and he works in an office, so he could use it to pick up little things at work.

    Thank you!

  35. Allie Says:

    i saw a katamari ball in the game informer…so i searched it and found you! i have to let you know i was so amazed by this when i found it last weekend, that i taught myself to crochet for the pure purpose of making one…mine wont have magnets this go around 😦 but next pay day i am making another. and your directions are super easy and thank you for the new hobby inspiring pattern! it fits in with my massive katamari obsession!!!

  36. Mori-neko Says:

    My boyfriend linked this pattern at me, and I immediately decided that I needed to (re)learn how to crochet. I actually ended up finding a bunch of magnetic rocks at a gift shop for $.50 apiece that work great. Just finished my first one (I’m planning on making a handful as christmas presents).

    Thank you for writing this up, they’re awesome!

  37. shasta Says:

    this is so cool but some body needs to make a kmagnet that hair comes to

  38. Dalya Says:

    This is beyond cute :D! I do not crochet, but this would make a fantastic seller if you sold it!
    ❤ Katamari!!
    Very well made!

  39. D. Says:

    I am confused about the pattern. Every-time I try to make it, it seems to bunch up. What exactly to do you mean? Am I supposed to sc in one stitch and then 2 in the other 6 times, or am I supposed to go all the way around until I’m back at the beginning of the previous row? I end up with much more then just 54 stitches in the end. Is this correct?

    1. metoob Says:

      in the first row use a magic circle or whatever. then in the next round to 2 sc in each loop. then do it like this for round 3: sc, 2scinc, sc, 2scinc etc.
      in round 4, add an extra sc: sc, sc, 2scinc, sc, sc, 2scinc, etc.
      for row 5 add another: sc, sc, sc, 2scinx and so on like that. there should always only be 6 increases per round. this will go all the way to the stitch right before the last row. if you lose count then count all the “V”s from the hook by the way. oh yeah, if when you finish around you pull a scrap yarn of a different color through the loop then continue like normal it helps to know where you start, just go up to the stitch before the string.

    2. metoob Says:

      hope that helps.. if so then reply! if not then still reply, i had a lot of trouble with that kinda stuff when i started doing amigurumi.

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  42. Cristina Says:

    This is ADORABLE. I am a HUGE nerd and i freaking love katamari damacy/we ❤ katamari. i ran out and bought the materials tonight so i can start it now lol it’s so freaking cute!

  43. Cristina Says:

    To D.:

    That happened to me at first until i realized that

    R5 – (3sc, 2sc in next stitch) meant to single crochet three stitches, then put 2 single crochets into stitch 4, then repeat. So it’s like, sc, sc, sc, 2sc into same stitch. sc sc sc, 2sc into same stitch. etc.

  44. Amy Says:

    This is awesome!!!

  45. dawn fifield Says:

    how many chains did you do for the ring?

  46. Julia Says:

    omgomgomgomg I have to make this! Thank you so much for creating and posting it! I’ve never been so excited about a crochet pattern.

  47. Megan Says:


  48. Chloe Says:

    Love it! Would it be possible to order one from you? 🙂

  49. Jacquelyn Says:

    Thanks so much for sharing your pattern!

  50. Solange-San Says:

    Hello hello,

    If you like Katamari I did a special mix with the best music for me here!

    塊魂 (Katamari Damacy ♥ Mix) オンザウェブ
    Various Artist (Mixed by ♥ Solange-San)

    Stream it, download it, enjoy it!


  51. speedingpullet Says:

    OMG! That’s possibly the most awesome thing I’ve ever seen!

    The Husband and I are HUGE Katamari Fans – and I just learnt how to crochet yesterday!

    Thank you, I’ve just found my very first crochet project – my husband can have it on his desk as a tidy!

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  53. Jenna Says:

    I love this. I made one for a friend of my husband’s, and then decided I needed to make a tiny prince to go with it. The pattern is VERY easy to follow! I really love this, thank you! 🙂

  54. Wiste Says:

    I’ve been waiting for my friend’s birthday to make one of these and I know he’s just going to fall over when he sees it. He loves my crochet and he’s a huge katamari fan. Just wanted to share a tip that I came up with. I’m using the spare magnets to hold the nubs in place while I position them on the half spheres.

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  56. Diane Says:

    Thank you, thank you. I have been wanting to make one of these for a couple of years!!!! I never had access to a pattern. Can’t wait. Thanks also for sharing the battery info. So helpful.

  57. stromasdragon Says:

    If you are in the UK (i think they ship world wide)[like I am and finding it it hard to the a hold of the magnets. (like I was) I went to They are a little pricey for the 19mm but I do believe that only one of these magnets in each nub will be required. After playing with them for an hour this morning (and getting my fingers caught in between them.

    Now I can get started I am making one for my friend who is obsessed with pokemon so I am going to change the colours to make it look like a poke-e-ball.

  58. This is awesome. I can’t wait to make some for all my family and friends.

    Thanks for sharing the design with us.


  59. Olivia Says:

    These are sweeeeet! If you say would make one for much would you charge?

  60. Ku Says:

    You have totally made my day, week, month, and very likely 1.5 years (or longer). I have been trying to come up with a katamari toy for a long, LONG time in polymer clay, felt, cotton, even wax… until lo’ and behold, here I find a pattern made in perfect form, and magnetic so as to be truly functional, with express commentary and instructions and pictures and everything.

    You are supremely awesome — thank you SO MUCH. 😀

  61. Betsy Says:

    Love this!!!

  62. Katalova Says:

    Thanks for the pattern. I could not stop begging my mom to go to the store toget some magnets lol. I couldnt get the katamari song out my head eather. Na na nanananana na na Katamari Damacy!

  63. Elle Says:

    I was working on this pattern and the base sphere part was not round, but looked more like a flat hamburger. I was using lion brand worsted weight acrylic yarn and a US size E 3.25 needle. Help maybe? I’m so confused…

    1. Amy S Says:

      When the Katamari is sewn together and stuffed you can shape it into more of a sphere.

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  66. Mike Says:

    I saw you were selling these on a long time ago. Is there any chance that you’d still sell one? I have on clue how much you charge, but I am definitely interested.

    1. Joy Says:

      I’m currently making one and have some left over yarn. I’d be willing to make you one if Amy won’t.

      1. Joy Says:

        (and I mean that in a nice way, I’m pretty sure amy doesn’t make them to sell anymore. so I’m just trying to help out!) 🙂

  67. Samantha Says:

    I really liked that post.I will be reading a lot more of this blog.But

  68. Pam Chappell Says:

    Do you sell the pattern for the doll at the top of the page??

  69. annakayk Says:

    I am new to crochet and making anything stuffed. Do you have to put the same detail to weaving in the ends as you do to a sweater. My thought is to weave them in just a little and then leave the ends as part of the stuffing. Is this a reasonable approach?

    1. amysbabies Says:

      With a toy like this you can make a knot and leave the tail hanging free on the inside of the toy.

      Happy Crocheting Amy

  70. Melanie Says:

    When you work in rounds for this pattern, do you go through both the front and the back of the loops?

  71. […] all that extra work. One piece/less pieces to sew on = superior in my book. I remember making the Amy’s babies Katamari (excellent pattern by the way) and going apeshit making all those freaking nubs and sewing them on […]

  72. aileen o Says:

    very cool, thanks for sharing!

  73. ariel Says:

    OMG best idea ever!!!!! I found a katamari prince baby hat and my sister wants me to make one for her kid and this will go PERFECTLY with it!!!

  74. Sarah Says:

    Three years later and folks are still commenting on this excellent pattern of yours.

    ♫♪Na-Naaaaaaaa-Na-Na-Na-Na-Na-Na-Naaaaa The Katamari Damacy ♪

  75. Sarah Says:

    I honestly want to hug you for coming up with this! The moment I buy some magnets (and exams are over) I will be crocheting this! Katamari is an awesome game, and this practically makes it real 😀

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  78. I liked the katamari lol ,funny

    sick!! ^_~

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  83. Thanks for your post. I’ve been thinking about writing a extremely similar post over the last few weeks, I’ll most likely maintain it short and sweet and link to this instead if thats cool. Thanks.

  84. Neat blog! Is your theme custom made or did you download it from somewhere? A design like yours with a few simple adjustements would really make my blog stand out. Please let me know where you got your theme. Cheers

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  89. Cheryl Says:

    WOW! this is awesome! i have a friend who is absolutely wild about katamari. i’ve seen other patterns for the ball but none with magnets in them. that is a TERRIFIC idea. i can’t wait to make one for her and surprise her that it really works!! thanks!!!!!!!!!!!

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  92. […] This pattern has been a long time comming. I was trying to figure out how to explain all the testing I went through with all the different types of magnets. In an atempt to lower the cost of making these Katamari, I tested just about every type of 3/4″ round magnets that are available in the craft shops and discount stores. And I found that you really do get what you pay for. I found there were two types of magnets out there. 50 in a package for $5 sounds like a great deal, but the magnets are not strong enough to pick stuff up through the yarn. I found the magnets that I used at Jo Ann’s. Magnetic Katamari Pattern « Amy’s Babies […]

  93. linda Says:

    You said you sold them in your shop; I was thinking of making them for a church bazarre, strickly non profit, and wondered how much people would pay? Just curious, because I WILL be making some for gifts.

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  95. […] video games, you’re also keeping yourself from being able to appreciate why things like this magnetic crocheted katamari by Amy Shimel are so wonderful. For those of you who do understand the power of the rolling katamari and who know […]

  96. […] video games, you’re also keeping yourself from being able to appreciate why things like this magnetic crocheted katamari by Amy Shimel are so wonderful. For those of you who do understand the power of the rolling katamari and who know […]

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  100. What a neat crochet pattern! Great idea.

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  103. Very cool! I featured a link to your Katamari on Moogly this morning –
    Thanks for sharing your pattern!

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  111. Meemi Says:

    I’ve needed a new pin cushion for a while now and here it is! Thank you so much for this pattern, it’s incredible! I need to learn how to sew that thing shut neatly, I’m still very bad at it even though I’ve knitted and crocheted like 24 years now 😀

  112. […] (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Magnetic Katamari Pattern | Amy's Babies […]

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  115. […] The pattern can be found here. […]

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      ” means inches, which is a crazy American unit because we’re all a bunch of difficult nonconformists hahaha. one inch is equal to about 2 and a half centimeters. Hope this helped!

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  120. PASHMINISTA Says:

    Bonita. Muchas gracias

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