So, I have been a busy little bee recently, but I still got a little crafting done.  I took these Romney singles

and holding two strands together as I crochet, I made this rug for in front of the back door

It was a fun and fast rug.  I started working on my next rug.  No photos yet, but it will be the largest project I have ever worked on!  It is a rug for the living room I have been planning for a while.  I love the look of those old fashioned oval rag rugs and I wanted one forever.  I had some trouble finding an oval crochet pattern, and the ones I tried left large holes in the fabric, so I am going with a circle instead.  So far it is about the size of a salad plate.  I am using a knifty knitter loom to make a 5 stitch cord and then I am crocheting it into the rug.  I will get photos soon once it gets a bit bigger.

I have been trying to find time to make more Craft Cubes and there will be more in the shop on Friday!  So far this one is my favorite

Here is the interior fabric

I LOVE this fabric and I had to go back and purchase as much as I could afford for my own stash!  I have two of this bag and I am tempted to keep one for myself.  There will be other bags too.  Here is a peek at the fabrics I am currently working on.  I am going to try and have as many of these bags assembled as possible for the Friday Update.