Hey guys! 

 I wanted to let you know that fiber club renewals are now open!  They will remain open for returning club members until next Friday, then the remaining spots will be opened for everybody else for a week.  I have had such a great time dying club fibers and I hope you guys have too!

I also have finished another 8 oz of lace weight yarn for another shawl.  This is Party Dress the December fiber from the Spunky Eclectic fiber club.

I split out each color and spun it separately.  I have been thinking of adding in some black for a contrast, but I haven’t decided on a pattern yet.

I had such a shock this week, I almost fell over dead!  My husband and I were looking through flickr pictures of Amigurumi last weekend, and he says “can you show me how to do that?”  O_O  I was completely speechless for a few minutes, and for those who know me in real life know that is something that rarely happens.  So this week I showed him how and he did a great job!  I will try to get a photo of him doing it next time.

Also, my son has shown an interest in spinning again.  You may remember that he gave it a go about a year ago, but hadn’t really been interested since.  Then he asks me this week if he can go with me to my spin-in on Saturday!  I told him he absolutely was more than welcome to come and I went and got him a drop spindle this morning.  I will try to get photos of that too!