I sure hope that everybody had a great holiday season!!  I got my Christmas knitting done just in time!  I mean my sister called me to say she was on her way over RIGHT as I was getting ready to cast off her last sock.

The new year brings some excitement to the blog.  I was awarded two awards during the 4th Annual JenLa Knit Blog Awards!  Thanks ladies!!  I am just beyond amazed and so very thankful to be included in your list this year!  Also, my Magnetic Katamari pattern has been nominated for A Bobby Award for Best Free Pattern of 2007!  Thanks again!

I also joined Knit Wars and Finishalong 2008!  It is a great way to get motivated to finish those second socks for my Christmas knitting.  It’s going to be great!  You can finish old UFO’s, clean out that stash of yarn that has been hanging around too long, get some of those projects on your project queue done, and THEN get experience points for doing it!  There are going to be new things added to Knit Wars  in the next couple weeks and I can hardly wait!

 I spent the New Years celebration cutting out fabric for new craft cubes.  I am going to try to get them assembled and up in the shop in the next couple weeks.  The stumbling block is that the kids are home from school this week and my husband has gone back to work, so I am scrambling to find any crafting time this week.  I should be back to full production next week.

Now, for the photos!  I spent this Christmas knitting season knitting socks for my sister.  She loves little ankle socks, so I knit a whole bunch of them from some of those yarn cakes I showed you  a couple weeks ago.  Here is the result of my knitting frenzy

Wool socks

Rebecca Socks

Aquarium Gravel Socks

Around the World socks (more on these later)

Becca has become quite a knitter herself!  She spent New Years Eve with us and stayed to celebrate Indiana Jones Day (we have a silly tradition of watching all the Indiana Jones movies on New Years Day) and while she was here she started a new knitting project.

She is making a hat out of some Electric Sheep sock yarn in the Dove colorway.  She is doubling the yarn to make it big enough and she is picking up new techniques so fast!  I’m so proud!  While she was knitting, Teeny decided she wanted to knit too, so Becca showed her how to knit


Then she got her own needles to work with

She is not a fan of the Paparazzi

*sniffle*  Wait, I think there is something in my eye *sniffle*

I also got a chance to spin December’s Club fiber.  I spun it in a chunky yarn.  It is so squooshy and warm.  I think it might be a hat.