Thank you all for the birthday wishes.  He had a great birthday 😀

 As I mentioned before, I got a bunch of dying done this weekend.  I dyed most of this month’s club fiber (this month is called Tainted Love) and a bunch of sock yarn.  I spent the past couple weeks spinning some other fibers too.  Most of it is now up in my shop, and there will be more added in the next few days.  I hope to get some time soon to start making some craft cubes for my shop.  I have so many cool fabrics picked out!

 Here is some of what I dyed


Sonoran Skies

Fire and Ice

And this one was fun!  I had some Technologic that turned out with very little purple and the green turned into a weird yellow color.  I didn’t know what to do with it.  This weekend I overdyed it with a beautiful saphire blue and it came out gorgeous!  I called it Around the World

I also spun up some Rebecca in superwash from Spunky Eclectic for my sister (her name is also Rebecca).  It came out looking very festive!

I can’t wait to knit with it.  I don’t think I will get a project done by Christmas, but maybe just a little bit afterwards.