It felt so good to do a shop update today.  After finishing the shawl I found myself deep in the middle of a major Post Project Depression.  Nothing that I cast on for seemed right!  I tried to knit 3 different socks in the days that followed and not one of them survived.  I just wasn’t happy with anything.  I felt terrible because I wanted to be doing something, but it was all wrong!  I took a mental break and went back to something that was brainless, granny hexes.

I have been working on these hexes for a couple years now.  I used to carry them around in my purse to work on when I found myself with a minute or two of free time.  I can make them without having to look at my hook, which is nice for long car rides without getting car sick.  They were a nice pallete cleanser.  I worked on those for a couple days and then I felt like I could get back into something a little more creative.

I started spinning again, something I hadn’t done in a couple weeks while I was trying to get the shawl finished.  I spun up a couple of my hand dyed fibers


and Jeans and T-shirt (still not sure about that name)

Then on Wednesday the mailman brought me two new packages of dye and there was a creative explosion in this house!  I dyed up some more of my standard colorways

and added new colorways (this one is called Aquarium Gravel)

And I started dying Self Striping Sock yarn

I am completely in love with yarn dying!  I already have another shipment ordered.

I think my creativity has come back and I hope it sticks around this time.  I hated feeling restless and uncreative.