I spent this week spinning and dying wool/mohair blends and I must admit that they came out stunning!

Bumble Bee Fields

Blood Orange

Gothic Beauty

Blood Orange (without the mohair)

Bumble Bee Fields


Blue Moon

I am deeply in love with these colorways, but not with these fibers!  I spent a couple days this week covered from head to toe in mohair fluff.  It was in my eyes, it was on the baby, it was blowing across the floor in little mohair tumble weeds.  I had known that I have a reaction to mohair when I wore it as a garment, but I had been OK dying it so I thought I would give it a spin.

I was itchy from fingertips to elbows, my eyes were watery and I queasy by noon.  But I LOVE these colorways!  So now my goal is going to be to reproduce these colors on some different fiber bases, because I LOVE THESE COLORS!

I have been knitting on my Spiderweb shawl.  I am SO close to being finished!  I only have a half inch or so left in the wall of my yarn cake.  It is almost see through.  If I am lucky I will have it done this weekend!  My deadline to have the whole thing finished and blocked is Wednesday and for the first time that goal seems atainable.

I also got a couple books yesterday that I have been lusting over for MONTHS!  I got these

OMG!!  I am so deeply in love!  They have great close up pictures, wonderful clear line by line instructions and charts (in the cable book).  I absolutely want to knit each and every of the over 500 patterns that are in these books.  I don’t have nearly enough yarn!