Hey guys!  I spun up a storm this week!  I took 8.5 oz of superwash fiber and turned it into 1000+ yards of 2 ply sock yarn in about a week.  I am amazed at how fast I was spinning.  Here is the final product

This is calling my name!  It is trying to tell me to forget the dozen or so projects that I already have on the needles and start knitting something with it.  I am resisting, but my resolve is very very weak.

I have been working on my Spiderweb shawl every night, but I don’t think I have any less yarn in the ball.  I have come to the conclusion that it has begun breeding.  I knit and knit and knit, but I don’t ever come any closer to being done!  I think I am going to focus on this project now because I want it done so I can wear it on Halloween.

By request I have set up a tutorial on one of the ways to fix a broken single if you find yourself in posession of one as you are plying.  It is written in the great tradition of those old 50’s instructional film strips.

I have also been in the middle of a major shop update.  There is free shipping now on everything in the shop to anywhere in the US or Canada.