To make up for my last picture starved post, I have an abundance of things to show you today!

I finally got half of the Arizona Sands fiber finished!

I am so pleased with how this fiber came out.  It is a lace weight and I got somewhere between 15-1600 yards from the first 8 oz.  I will have a better idea exactly how much is there when the second skein is done drying.  I had planned to make some socks out of it, but it is so unbelievably soft that I think I might make a Forest Path shawlout of it instead.  But not right now.  I have WAY to many UFO’s going right now and I need to get some of them done before I even begin something new.

 One of the UFO’s that I am trying to get done is a pair of Diamante socks for myself.  Here is how far I am so far.

This is the first sock and I am almost to the heel turn.  I am using wool blend singles that I spun up a while ago.  I know that they will pill like crazy and won’t be as strong as if they had been knit with a plied yarn, but since they are for me to wear around the house I just don’t care.

Also the wonderful and beautiful TheBon did me a HUGE favor and I love her to teeny tiny pieces for it!  I have been lusting after some superwash from Crown Mountain Farms for a very long time.  When I heard that Teyani had been injured and wouldn’t be able to dye her wonderful colorways for a very long time I rushed over to purchase some from their site, but I didn’t have my fiber allowance money in the right account and they would have been sold out before I got it transferred to the right account!  I was whining about this when TheBon offered to stop at their booth at OFFF and pick some up for me, she even through in some extra fibers!


From Left to Right there is Merino/Soy blend in the Miso colorway from ArtFibers, so very soft.  Norwegian wool in the Daisy colorway from Black Bunny fibers.  And the fibers from Crown Mountain in the colorways Do You Wana Dance, Beat Goes On and Rasta Man (this one is a new colorway dyed by Klaus)


Here is a closeup of the Do You Wanna Dance colorway.  I am planning to use this one in the October Spin Alongon Ravelry.