I have found myself covered from head to toe the past week or so in varying combinations of wools with a little mohair thrown in for fun.  Sometimes I forget this before I go out into the real world.  Sometimes it is amusing to watch people’s faces when you explain that the hair is not from a cat, but from a sheep.  The lady at the beauty supply place seemed startled when I told her all the little bottles I was purchasing were not for dying hair, but wool.  It can be such a great conversation starter!

I have also been working on Diamante socks.  I don’t have a photo yet, but they are about 3 inches long from the toe up.  I am using a nice peach colored yarn.  I might be keeping these ones for myself.  My toes can get so cold durring the winter!  I am a desert creature and I don’t deal with cold all that well, unless I have too.  It will start with my toes, they will get cold and then I can feel the cold creeping up my legs.  Then it hits me and I am shivering so hard my back hurts!  I have tried having my husband sit on my feet when they start getting cold in an attempt to ward off the shivers, but usualy I have to jump in the shower and crank the hot water before I start feeling normal again.  The worst is when it happens in the movie theatre when I forget my sweater.

I decided that this year I needed a pair of warm socks to wear around the house.  I am hoping that this will keep the shivers away.  I will let you guys know how it goes.  It might be cold enough to wear them soon!

I also did another shop update today.  Some wool blends, and since I don’t want this whole post to go without a picture, here is one of my favorite rovings so far.