I have been working on this shawl for a while now

It is a modified Spiderweb Shawl from Victorian Lace Today in the Tulips colorway from Spunky Eclectic.  I have been keeping my working ball of yarn next to me on a TV tray, but it sits at an uncomfortable angle.  I thought that the best place to have the ball while I worked was on the floor between my feet.  The only trouble was I didn’t want carpet fuzzies on it.  I wanted to put the ball in a project bag to make it easier to move around the house, but I didn’t have any that wouldn’t collapse in around the ball and drag on the yarn.

So with my problem in mind I set out to make the perfect project bag that would stand open when it was being used.  The kids have large collapsable cubes that fit into wire square shelves.  I love these cubes, but they have two major flaws.  One is they are WAY to big for my projects, they are about 11 inches square.  The other is that there is only one very short handle, smack in the middle of only one side.  Not very convenient for moving from place to place.

I went to the post office on Monday and shipped a box that was a 6″ cube.  As I was packing it, I realized it was the perfect shape and size to hold not only the ball of yarn for my shawl, but all the other projects I have stashed in random places around the house.  When I got home I dove into my fabric stash and began designing.

The first couple bags came out like those clones that are found in Sci-Fi labs moaning things like “kill me” as I tried to work out how to get the bottom on, but I finaly started making some nice looking cubes

As you can see, they stand open nicely.  This one has my current sock project in it.  They have 12″ handles which are just the right length to carry them around and stay out of your way when the bag is in use.  They have a removable pannel in the bottom so that they will fold flat for easy storage when (if) the project inside is completed.

Here is another one I love

It is made from some fabric book fabric.  It has dinos all the way around.

When all the projects were organized, I finaly felt like I could sit and do some spinning.  I finished up 4 of the 16 oz of Arizona Sands today.

I have been so busy, I have lost all my spinning muscles!  I find I am terribly sore today from spinning yesterday and today.  I didn’t realize it had been so long since I had a chance to focus on spinning.