I was going to be finished with my sister’s Sidewinder socks yesterday and as I grafted the second one (right), I realized that there was something terribly wrong with the first sock (left).  Actually, I had known there was something wrong with it the whole time, but I just couldn’t say what.  I knew that the toe was too pointy, that when my sister put it on it looked too tight.  She said it felt fine, but I knew in my gut that there was something odd about it.  Always trust your gut.

 Then as I did up the second sock, I realized that I had left out 8 of the stockinette rows smack in the middle of the sock!  I frogged the sock yesterday afternoon and I am already back to the point where I had left out the rows.  I ripped the whole sock because I didn’t like the cast-on I had used.  It looked icky in the graft.  I am going to try to get it finished tonight, in between kid wrangling and canning Spaghetti sauce.

In better news, the mailman left this on my door step today!fiber-169.jpg

It was all full of yummy fiber from Christina over at The Dye Pot.  They are having a 30% off sale on their handpainted fibers, and I scooped up 3 pounds of it!

I got Arizona Sands, in Superwash.  This is my September fiber for the SAL at the Spinners Central group on Ravelry.

Mixed Fruit in Merino

Sea Glass in Merino

These are super soft fibers!  When I opened the box, Teeny kept petting the fiber and laying her face on them.  I don’t blame her, I couldn’t stop petting it too.   Christina was super nice to work with and incredibly understanding when paypal refused to update to my new address.  The Dye Pot is certainly being added to my list of fantastic fiber folks!  I can’t wait to spin this up.

Next time I hope to have a review of the new Harmony Wood Needles from Knitpicks