I will be adding a new pattern to my site this weekend.  It will be for my Magnetic Katamari.  These are very handy to hold all sorts of things!  I have been promising this pattern for too long and I promise it will be up very soon.


On the knitting front, I haven’t gotten back to my Bug shawl after the Teeny incident a few weeks back.  I did want to let you know who designed this fabulous shawl.  It is Mindy.  She designed this shawl with beautiful garden scenes that I can’t wait to knit, and it is in a great Choose Your Own Adventure format so your shawl can reflect your own personality.  She is debating whether or not to publish this pattern and I say whole heartedly YES!

What I am working on is making some Sidewinders for my sister from this scrappy yarn

Here is a realy dark photo of her wearing the first one.  I had her try it on to make sure it would fit her.  The pattern calls for size 2/2.75 needles and all I had were size 3/3.25, so I made the size 7-8 instead of the 8-9 and it fit great.

She is a daycare worker in the infant room and they wear only socks at work, so she needed some fun and fancy socks!  I think this will keep the babies very entertained.  Just look how entertained she is!

I also wanted to show off something very exciting!  For the longest time I have wanted a Hibiscus plant.  Not just any Hibiscus, not the plain red or yellow-orange ones you see at every home center, but one exactly like the one that grows at my Grandmother’s house.  They are the most visualy stunning flowers I have ever seen and I NEEDED one.  When we got closer to moving into the house, I went on a search online looking for that elusive plant.  I found it and I have been nurturing it for almost 6 moths now, and this week I was rewarded with this bloom

It is a variety called High Voltage and I got it from Hidden Valley Hibiscus.  I am so completely in love!  The bloom is about 6″ across and there is a second one waiting to bloom right behind it.  And you can see that as of now it is the only thing growing in our back yard at the moment

My husband saw this photo and said it looked like one of those giant flowers that only bloom every 50 years or so.  That it looked big enough to be eating neighborhood cats!