I have been very lax in updating my blog recently and I apologize.  I have been doing things, I just haven’t been taking pictures of them.  The batteries in the camera are dead.  So here is a breakdown of what I have been doing, you can use your imagination for now to imagine me doing all these things!

  • I untangled all the green laceweight that Teeny had around her hand.  It is now all nicely balled back up, but it has not been reunited with the other ball and the main project yet.
  • I finished this shawl FINALY!  I was so sick of working on this by the end that I have put aside knitting big things for a bit and I have been doing other things.  It still needs to be blocked.  I have to do that in the next couple days because it is destined to be a birthday present for my husband’s grandma and her party is this weekend.
  • My sister loved the sock weight from last week, so it is in the very beginning stages of becoming Sidewinder socks for her.  Turns out I do know somebody who likes socks after all.  “like” is an understatement!  Some women have a passion for shoes, or purses, or things like that.  She has a passion for socks!  Guess what she’s getting for her birthday, and Christmas, and any other gift giving holiday.  We went through all the sock patterns in Ravelry and she pointed out what she liked.
  • I had a bunch of worsted superwash that I had spun some time ago, just 100+ yards of each colorway.  I had been wanting to do some sort of project with all of them.  I lost quite a few afghans to carpet beetles recently and I need to get on the stick to make more!  I started by taking the colors and wrapping them into smaller random sized skeins with the intent of knitting random striped miter squares.  I got about 10 squares done and I was so sick of looking at it already that I had to scrap that idea.  I decided instead to crochet an afghan similar in design to a hexagon quilt.  It has a small hexagon of color for the center, with a border of some cream colored acrylic I was able to salvage from an afghan that wasn’t too damaged.  The effect is a field of flowers on a white afghan (or quilt if you are using fabric).

I will try to get some pictures up in the next day or so!  I have to go find some batteries.