I had intended to do two updates between last week and today, but I got a terrible cold that has had me in and out of bed for the past few days.  I am feeling much better now, so here are the updates!

I got an unexpected package in the mail last week and when I saw that it was from my Australian publisher I was jumping around the kitchen and yelling!  They had sent my copy of the book I had a pattern published in!

This book will be released in Australia this fall!  And if you get a copy of the book you will see that near the middle, among all the other super cute and fantastic patterns is mine!


I am beginning to think about submitting some other patterns to some publishers and putting a few more here on my site very soon.

Now, for the second part of the update.  I had a terrible case of start-itis last week and spent several days starting projects when I should have been finishing them.  I decided I needed a project specifically for working on upstairs, so I spent a couple days winding off small skeins of some yarns I had put aside for a scrap blanket.  I also started on the Bugs in Your Garden Shawl.  It has a Sun for the center

And some of the images so far are a Dragonfly

And a cloud of Midges

Now I had intended to begin working on the shawl again today, but while I was sick in bed my husband brought Teeny in to the room and told me they had been watching a movie when he realized she was being too quiet.  Never a good sign.  He looked around and saw that she was playing with my green yarn.  That is when he held up her hand to show me that she had about 100 yards of it wrapped around her wrist so tight that her hand wasn’t looking as pink as it should have been!  He said he tried to get her untangled, but he wanted to bring her to the tangle expert before he decided to get the scissors.  Luckily I was able to untangle her without drastic measures having to be taken.  I guess that will teach me to leave yarn around within reach after she has watched me re-skein yarn on my hand for a couple days.