I spent a few days discovering first hand the damage that carpet beetles can cause to all sorts of fiber, not just wool.  Those little buggers destroyed a large portion of our warm winter afghan supply.  I washed everything I could get my hands on in super hot water to kill any hitchhikers that might have made the move with us.  My new washing machine is my favorite appliance.  It is a Whirlpool and it was purchased specificaly because it has a handwash cycle that has been tested on several different blends of wool with beautiful results each time!

One of the first things we needed in the new house was a dinning table and chairs, so we went out to the local second hand store to look for one.  I was entertaining the kids while my husband negotiated price when I saw this sitting on a dinning table across the room.

I could not believe my eyes!  Was that what I thought it was carved on the front of it?  Yep, it sure was!  A Spinning Wheel carved on to the front of a Lane cedar hope chest!

There was just no question about this comming home with us, especially after the devestation of the carpet beetles.  It was like it had been put in that store just for me!  It now houses my fiber stash.

Next time, what I have been doing with all that fiber!