So I finaly have my big computer back up and running!  I was on the lap top for a few days last week, but then the hard drive died before I could do any serious updating.  Besides, I like my big computer.  I told my husband that using the lap top was like wearing somebody elses underpants.  It does the job, but it doesn’t feel right.  All my files and programs are here.

 The past couple weeks have been crazy!  I haven’t been able to spin very much, but I am getting back into the swing of things.  A day or two after we moved in we had an out of town guest come and stay for a couple weeks.  We also had to finish cleaning out our old apartment.  It is amazing how many things you can collect when you stay in the same place for 8 years.    On Tuesday we went and turned in our keys so we are officialy all moved out, now we just have to work on the moving in part.  I have almost everything unpacked and I can actually get my car into one half of the garage!


Here is a photo of my new craft closet!  If you check on Flickr, you can see all the notes of what things are in there so far.  I still have a couple more boxes of things to unpack, but the big stuff is all there.

Well, I have so many things to tell you about!  I have a post-it here that I have been taking notes on while I was waiting for the computer to be set up again.  I will tell you more about what I have been up to, the spinning I have been doing, the projects I have been finishing and the cool thing I found at a second hand shop in the days to come!