I started working on a Blankie made from singles scraps that I had been collecting on a center pull ball for the past few months. This square is my favorite so far. I got the inspiration from Shelly’s blog. It will be big enough for a queen sized bed when it is done.

I also started on a kitchen rug for the new house. I spun up some yarn from a sock bundle from Spunky Eclectic a few months ago. It came out beautiful and reminded me of a persian rug. I was sure I had taken photos of it, labeled the photos and posted about it on my blog or a fiber friday or something. I only had a 4 oz skein and I knew I would need more, so I went searching for the fiber specs so I could order more. I couldn’t find any photos, files or mention of this particular yarn ANYWHERE! This is jus so not like me.
So then began the search for the colorways. I knew that they were wool blend fiber, they had been a sock bundle and that they were two different colorways (burgundy/white/gold and Navy/white/gold) that I had spun together. So after exchanging some emails, offers to mail her the project and spur of the moment photos, Amy was able to pinpoint the colorways I needed! She rocks, go buy her fiber!! So now the fiber is winging its way to me along with my fiber of the month.

Speaking of the house, it is almost done!!!!!!!!!! We close on the 9th!!!!!!*passes out from excitement*

Here is what the house looked like last time I showed you guys a pictureAnd here is what it looked like as of this morning!!!

They aren’t quite done painting the outside. Imagine it with a redish-brown trim and front door. They also need to install the carpet, plumbing fixtures and blinds and put in the landscaping. I am going to try to get some photos from the inside. Our project foreman is our backyard neighbor and he tries to leave the backdoor open for a bit so we can get a look inside, but our next door neighbor (bless his heart) keeps going over and locking the place up before we get there! So I haven’t had very many chances to get interior photos since the doors went on.