First off, I have made some additions to the sidebar! There is now a Patterns section for easy access to my patterns. I have also fixed the dead Spunky Eclectic image Now, on to the fiber!! I finished this blanket I had been making for my Teenie. It is in the Maid Marrion colorway. I spun the yarn into a sport/sock weight and knit squares 5 stitchtes across on US7’s. She spent yesterday afternoon carrying it around the house and took it to bed with her last night.

I also spent time spinning a bunch of 4oz superwash rovings from that I have been hoarding.

Upside-Down Frown
Pie in the Sky
Boogie Days
Brain Freeze
Navajo Gems

I had planned to use these colorways to make Stocking Caps. I used the Navajo Gems to make the first one.I was a little disapointed in how it came out. The top isn’t very sock like, it is more Snork like. I think I am going to add the other colors to my Mrs. Weasley sweater. I am doing an acrylic mockup right now to decide where I want to use acrylic and where I want to put handspun. I am also trying to decide if I want the sleeves to be completely acrylic or if I want some handspun in there too.