I spent hours this week spinning. It was a compulsion, I just could not stop! I spun 3 different colorways this week from Spunky Eclectic . 12 oz of each colorway adds up to 2.25 pounds of fiber!! And I found a most amazing new tool!

First, the fiber
Maid Marrion in Merino

Berry Pickin’ in BFL

Dogwood in Corriedale

Now onto the realy exciting part of this post!! This is my new best friend

This is a bottle of conditioner that I purchased thinking it would enhance the gentle waves in my hair. It didn’t, just made my hair feel flat and heavy. Turns out it enhances curls and waves by being an anti-frizz conditioner. I was disapointed but didn’t want to toss out a whole bottle of conditioner, so I tucked it away.

When I began spinning up the BFL, it was very fuzzy. I am not a fuzzy kind of person so I was very worried that I wouldn’t like how the fiber looked when I was done. I had heard of people using conditioner to soften scritchy or dry fiber, but hadn’t heard of anybody using it to tame the fuzzies. I decided to give it a try.

I washed the wool in Synthropol like I usualy do, wrung it out and refilled the sink with clean hot water. I put about a teaspoon, maybe half teaspoon, of the conditioner in the sink and agitated the water to distribute it. Then I put the fiber back in the water to soak for 10-15 minutes. I came back, wrung out the fiber and refilled the sink again with hot clean water for a quick rinse.

The fiber came out smooth and soft and the smell is heavenly!! The scent of the conditioner blends beautifuly with the smell of wet wool. I have tried it now on BFL, Merino and Corriedale. All have been heavenly when dry.