I finaly finished the first Lady Eleanor! She ended up being 10 balls of Rowan Tapestry on #9 needles with eight 10 stitch blocks. I decided not to put the fringe on because I am not a very fringy kind of person. Here is a closeup.I blocked it on the carpet last night, and found my son curled up in the middle of it this morning. He had a nightmare and wandered around the house looking for someplace else to sleep. He said it was super comfortable, and he was right! I wore it around the house as I got people ready for school and it was like a second skin. I am completely in love!

I did just a little bit of spinning this week. I got some fiber from princesskaytm over at fiber freaks and she had hand dyed it! There was an ounce of BFL dyed in beautiful blues and purples. It was super fluffy and drafted like a dream. I named it Wild Blueberries