And I am a Hobbit. I am geneticaly unable to wear socks and I have a physical aversion to shoes unless they are absolutely neccesary by law or hot pavement. This is terrible as it seems that all the other knitters out there are addicted to knitting socks. I look at the socks, I think they are very pretty. I have seen some elaborate socks that would be very impressive. I think to myself “that would be such a cool challenge!” But I know they would never get used. I have thought about making them for other people, but I don’t know anybody that isn’t super rough on socks. Yet, I am one of those ladies who could be under an afghan and asking for the Air to be turned off in the middle of summer! I have a sweatshirt on if it gets below 72 degrees.

This put me in a quandry. Living in the desert there is no need for hats, gloves, scarves or sweaters. Due to my Hobbitish tendencies, I don’t need socks. I have gifted the people I know in cold climates with enough winter wear to outfit a small village. What do I do now? ENTRELAC!

My childhood training was in quilting and embroidery. I think this is what draws me to entrelac so much. The color shifts play across the squares in such interesting ways. And If I spin thin, then I can make entrelac wraps that are lightweight enough to wear any time of year. I have found my bliss. I have even been thinking of ways to jazz up the entrelac besides the colors, things like cables and such.

So begins my newest obsession in the crafting world! Here is what I started this week.

This is the fiber from this month’s Spunky Fiber Club. It is called Forecast and has a wonderful blend of white, ice blue and tan. I spun it in a thin single in an attempt to get 1000 yards. I surpassed my estimation by 25 yards! I couldn’t wait to get started using it, so I began immediately on my next wrap.

This is a very rough picture of the first 6 inches or so. The colors are playing across the squares beautifuly and I can’t wait to finish it and show you guys a better picture.