Here is my sad little sampler for the Take a Stitch Challenge

I have been a very lazy embroiderer recently. I joined this challenge back in January, but I had never given myself the time to sit down and actually play with the stitches. I finaly decided today that I had to put everything else aside and catch up on this. I have a stash of even weave linnen tea towels that I decided to use. I got one out for me and one for my son. They were great for freehand work, but terrible for counted work. The weave wasn’t even enough. I had just about decided to finish this week’s stitch and then pick up next week on some adia that I had in my craft closet, when the fly stich caught my imagination.

I rushed to the closet and busted out with the adia and started experamenting. I came up with two different versions of a flower that I think are stunning.

I had been atempting to make a fractal snowflake pattern thinking it would be a great way to cover the fabric completely, but I came up with these instead. They work great all by themselves or as a border.

My son decided he didn’t want to follow the stitches in the challenge, so he drew his own pattern and went to town embroidering it. He says he wants to make a pillow out of it when he is done.