First, I have the buttons in stock! They are fantastic and come in 5 different images. THANK YOU KITTYCROSSBONES!! I will be listing them in my shop as a set and individual buttons too!

I have been working like a mad woman to get my store restocked! As I told you before, I have been working on a new type of item for my store. My Grandmother used to make quilted stuffed animals for craft fairs when I was younger. I remember spending weekends making these toys with her and going to the craft fairs with her to sell them. When we went to visit her in San Diego a few weeks ago, I asked if she still had these patterns. I wanted to use the patterns, but I didn’t want it to be the same old stuffed toys. So I began to think about what else I could do with them. Aplique seems a natural fit for these animals! “Mommy Loves You” is the first of those new items. It was named that because it looks like the big cat is watching over the smaller one. It is a Pillow Cover with a set of quilted cats apliqued onto it. The Mommy cat is green and the Baby is pink. I think it came out fantastic! I have a bunch of other animals including sheep, pigs, ducks, elephants and many more!

I have also been busy making sesonal Turtles! I have two new Autumn Leaf turtles. One has leaves on his back because he was out playing in the piles of leaves. The other has leaves hanging from his head because he likes the feeling of them dangling around his face.

I have also had several custom orders for turtles. I have made a second winter turtle in pastel colors and a nurse turtle. I am working on another nurse and a doctor right now.