This little guy was a dare from a great lady in one of the Yahoo Groups I frequent. She dared us to make an amigurumi Vulture. He is about as tall as a spool of thread and just big enough to perch on a computer mouse or a monitor, to glare at people who linger in your office.

I also captured these three Shadow Turtles.

You know that feeling, when you are home alone and you just KNOW there is something watching you from a dark corner, or waiting for you in a dark room. When you turn quickly to look for it, there is nothing there! Sometimes there are small flashes of light, with no cause. Like light reflecting off of small eyes.These are Shadow Turtles. They can be found in dark corners or forgoten cupboards. Their pearlecent eyes catch and reflect even the smallest amount of light. They are harmless, most of the time. But they enjoy watching. Always watching.These Amigurumi Shadow Turtles were captured lurking in my craft supplies. They are 3″ tall.

This is Thamuz, Murmur and Hypnos. Their eyes are pearlescent buttons that grab and reflect even the smallest amount of light. I was sitting here working on the computer by monitor-light, and all I could see of them was three sets of glowing eyes watching me work. Gave me the Jibblies!