Masukami is my newest doll. She is based on the evil spirit imagery in several recent Japanese movies and video games. She has died too young by drowning. Wandering the river banks, she searches for her lost love. Is it you?

Not sure the photos captured the evil in her eyes accurately. There are swirls on the buttons and when they are turned just right, they look eeeevil. I have caught her glowering at me a couple times this morning.

She sits 6″ tall with another 5″ in legs that can either be folded underneath her in a kneeling position, or dangled over the edge of a shelf or computer monitor. She is number two in my horror rag doll series and would be a perfect companion to Romero, the Zombie rag doll.

The Naval officer turtles are currently available in my shop now too. Things will really start rolling in my shop in the next few days. Keep your eyes out for new updates daily