Hey guys!

I have been very busy the past week and there is an end in sight finally. Another 2 weeks and I will finally be able to start making new dolls! YAY! Until that time I came up with this new item. I had AmyLynn from http://kittycrossbones.etsy.com make me some 2.25″ buttons with some of my babies on them!

I will be using them for promotional items and they will be sold in sets and individually too! I got some ideas for at least 2 more sets to come in the future. They will be listed in my shop by the end of the week. Collect them all! Trade them with friends!

AmyLynn was a wonder to work with. She worked so fast! And I love the way the buttons look! I can’t wait to get my hands on them! I also look forward to working with her again in the future! Nothing but a wonderful experience : ) Go visit her shop today!! She does more than the 2.25″ buttons. She has buttons of all sizes, keychains, necklaces, bottle openers and mirrors too! She is a wonderful etsy seller!