Hey guys

I wanted to let you know what is coming up in the future here on my blog. I will be going on vacation July 12th and I won’t be back until July 22nd. But in this time I will be creating like a mad woman! I have a notebooks that I keep with me at all times. One at my creation station (in front of the computer) and another in my purse (in case inspiration hits away from home). I have pages of notes, scribbles and sketches. My goal is to get as many done on my trip as possible.

On my list I have:
-Edward Scisorhands Doll
-A Geisha Doll
-Mrs Weasley, Hagrid and Snape
-Some Lord of the Rings dolls
-Willy Wonka Doll
-Barbosa Doll
-A Murloc
-A Cactaur and a Moogle
-Dr Who, K-9 and a Dalek
-Japanese Horror Long Haired Maiden
– A child from the Village of the Damned
-Zhan from Farscape
-Shadow Turtles
-Jade Turtle and Elephant
-more turtles to be determined later

Holy cow, that is a long list! I won’t get to all of it before I get back, but I will be focusing on the full sized dolls first. I will be trying to make turtle versions of quite a few of the larger dolls too. We will be taking the laptop with us, so if something comes out particularly good, I will upload it and let you guys see!