Hey Everybody!

I wanted to share my excitement with you! I went to festivities over at my parents house yesterday, great bbq and the best fireworks show in years. When I came home, I found that Jack had been featured on the front page of http://craftster.org ! I was so excited I could hardly sleep last night. There he was with so many other super cool crafts. Check out the craft diagonal from Jack, it is a Van Gogh recreated in melted beads! And the one right under him is a super cool afghan with a wonderful tree pattern on it.

Well, I didn’t think it could get any cooler than that! Until I woke up this morning. I started up al the various windows I have open durring the night and noticed I had 3 emails notifying me of conversations waiting for me on http://etsy.com , so I headed over there to see what was up. I just about fell out of my chair when I saw the front page! I had to call my husband right then and tell him to go to the front page himself! I think I will have to be scraped off the ceiling today! He is on the Top 100 Items list too!

Thanks Everybody!!!

P.S. He has found a home! He will be going to live in New York City