This little elephant was requested last Friday by Sweets4ever over at the forum. She said she would really love to have an elephant and gave me this little graphic she created using some of my other items for texture and colors!

So, as you can see, He was made with That Grey, That red, has green eyes and is indeed 3″ tall. I am currently waiting to hear from her what his name is.

Then I will be buckling down to create the ultimate swashbuckler! In honor of the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie opening next week, I will be attempting to create an 11-12″ Capitan Jack Sparrow doll! I have been running through the yarn physics in my head for about a week now? Which yarns will be the best colors and textures? Which ones will need to be split into 2 ply instead of the heavier 4 ply to get the right movement from the fabric? Where will I forego yarn and use thread for the lighter weight materials? Where am I going to get the right hair beads? Gathering pictures from different angles so that I can see everything I need to.

I think I have it all worked out and I will be putting him on the blog by July 6th, because he will need to be done by then if he is going with me to the midnight premiere ; )